Easy Online Australian PrEP Prescribing. Delivered discreetly.


PrEP is a once-daily pill regine that is 99% effective.
This members dashboard is where you manage your subscription to PrEP Health. 
You are now subscribed, we now need you to:

1. Request your STI Referral 

2. Take referral to pathology near you. You may have to print, but 

3. Wait for you prescription. Results take 2-3 business days to get to the Doctor. Prescriptions are then sent to our pharmacy partner. You should have 3 months of PrEP Prescription in 4-5 business days! 

While you wait:

Complete the Atomo Declaration (Only has to be done once). This has to be done so that in future we can accept the Atomo HIV Self Test. Please note you cannot use this for your first to prescriptions with PrEP Health.