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Dr Mitchell Tanner - Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis - PrEP Health

Dr Mitchell Tanner

Dr Mitchell Tanner is the principal practitioner of a local practice in Singleton, New South Wales, Australia, who completed his Bachelor of Medicine (BMed) at the University of Newcastle in 2008 and was made a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) in 2012. He also holds a Certificate for Medical Practitioners in Sexual and Reproductive Health so he knows his stuff when it comes to STIs and sexual health. As the leading doctor at PrEP Health and Stigma Health, Mitchell recognises how important reproductive and sexual health is to total healthcare and he is committed to reducing the number of STIs in Australia and improve healthcare outcomes by empowering patients.

James Sneddon - Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis - PrEP Health

James Sneddon

James is a rugby-playing entrepreneur and accountant, father of three. An entrepreneur passionate about using business to help improve people’s lives and has aligned all his interests in eHealth as Co-founder Hyphen Health Group, incorporating PrEP Health, Stigma Health and Roidsafe.

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About PrEP Health - Online Sexual Health Clinic

Online Sexual Health Clinic

Mitchell and James co-founded Stigma Health in April 2015 and first started referring patients on in November 2016. Now over 15,000 patients and provided over 10,000 referral’s for STI testing. Stigma Health is Australia’s largest online sexual health testing service. Referring patients to a pathology partner network of over 10,000 collection clinics.