How to Take PrEP  

PrEP is one of those medications that demands you take it correctly. It’s really important you follow the recommended guidelines to stay protected against HIV. Any deviation, and you’re putting your health at risk. There’s some misinformation out there about the different ways to take PrEP, so let’s break it down. (You may have heard of different types of PrEP – it’s all the same medication, the only difference is how you take it.)  

PrEP Daily

This is the most common way to take PrEP. PrEP Daily means you take 1 pill, once a day, every day – it’s that simple. Taking PrEP daily means you are always protected from HIV, no matter how much sex you’re having, or when you’re having it. PrEP Daily leaves nothing to chance. 

PrEP On-Demand

We want to clear something up here, as the name is a little misleading. PrEP On-Demand does not mean you take one pill, ‘on-demand’ before sexual activity, and you’re covered. It’s a lot more complicated than that. This is the correct and only way to take PrEP On-Demand and be protected against HIV:  

Take 2 pills 2-24 hours before sex

Take 1 pill 24 hours after the first dose

Take 1 pill 24 hours after the second dose.

See? It takes some real commitment to get it right. If PrEP is not taken in this prescribed way, you’re not protected against HIV.  

I’m Ready For PrEP