What We Do (and why we do it)  

We’ve been in the business of sexual health since 2007 with our first telehealth platform – Stigma Health – breaking down the barriers to STI testing and offering tests online access to STI tests. In our humble opinion, being able to access an STI test online is a game-changer for a lot of people… 30,000 and counting!  

We’re passionate about smashing stigmas in healthcare and supporting all communities in Australia to get the medical care they deserve. When we heard about PrEP, we knew we had to get involved.  

PrEP has radically changed the way at-risk people can protect themselves against HIV. It is so important and so relevant, we started PrEP Health to give online and affordable access to PrEP medication. In Australia and around the world, it’s often people in high-risk communities who aren’t able to get medical care due to judgment and prejudice. We’re here for YOU.  

We think PrEP is great. We think your choice to use it is even greater. Our mission is to halt the spread of STI’s and we’re all part of the solution. We love being part of your healthcare journey. 

How we do it  

We know most people aren’t keen on visiting the GP to discuss the intimate details of their lifestyles and sex lives. This is why we’re offering PrEP online, so it’s as easy as it can be. You can get PrEP without the usual rigomorale of: needing a trip to the doctor, follow up visits for test results and finally after all of that time and divulging – you finally get your hands on PrEP. With us, it’s simple and hassle-free. 

We help you skip the trip to the GP:

  1. We give you the pathology referrals you need to get the required tests to qualify for PrEP.
  2. You get your results straight to your phone. 
  3. If you get the all-clear, then we prescribe you PrEP.
  4. You can even choose to get it sent straight to your home so you don’t even have to visit the pharmacy.

Our online Doctors are discreet and experienced in sexual health. You won’t have any face-to-face conversations, and you’ll know you’re in the hands of non-judgmental, caring medical professionals who support your choice to access the vital medication you need.  

Okay, ready? Let’s do this. You’re in safe hands.