Is PrEP For Me?

Taking new medication is a big decision. We understand this can be stressful as there’s a lot to think through. We want to assist you in determining if PrEP is right for you. So, how do you decide?

Firstly, PrEP isn’t for everyone. We don’t recommend that every sexually active adult in Australia takes PrEP. Why? Well, HIV tends to show up in certain sectors of the community.

PrEP is designed for people who are at high risk of exposure and therefore, high risk of infection with HIV. PrEP is for all who are high risk, and if you feel you are at risk of HIV you should seriously consider PrEP.

To identify whether you are at high risk of contracting HIV, consider these questions:

  • Are you a man who has sex with men? (MSM)
  • Are you engaged in sex work?
  • Do you engage the services of sex workers?
  • Do you engage in group sex?
  • Do you have an HIV positive partner?
  • Are you / your partner an injectable drug user?

If you answer yes to any of these, then you’re at risk of acquiring HIV and PrEP is for you. PrEP works so well that it is recommended all at-risk people should be on treatment.   

Okay, ready? Let’s do this. You’re in safe hands.