Our PrEP Process

We are your total PrEP healthcare partners. We evaluate your PrEP requirements, guide you through pathology, assess your results and issue your prescriptions. We are here for you every step of the PrEP journey. 

1. Sign Up

First, you’ll complete an online form and then book your initial telephone appointment.

If you have a health concession card, this part is free!

If you don’t have a health concession, you’ll pay for the pathology referral, results review, and prescription.

If you are new to PrEP Health, you’ll receive an SMS invite (within 48 hours) to download an app to your phone. This is where the doctor will share results and correspondence. Please follow the instructions and download them when they come through to make your PrEP journey easy.

2. Health check!

All PrEP prescriptions require a HIV negative blood test and healthy kidney function. We give you a pathology referral for this testing and for a general test for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

When you order testing, you’ll receive your SMS eReferral instantly.

We highly recommend pathology clinics operated by our preferred provider, Sonic Health. Click the link in the SMS to find your nearest clinic.

No Sonic clinic nearby? That’s ok, this referral is valid at over 10,000 pathology clinics, Australia-Wide.

After you visit pathology for your tests, your results will be sent to a PrEP Health doctor for review. Results will also be available in the app you downloaded on your phone. If your results are negative for HIV and show healthy kidneys you are now eligible for PrEP.

ALL positive STI results including HIV will have a bulk billed phone consult with a PrEP Health doctor. This consult will advise on treatment options if applicable and will support you with your diagnoses. (HIV is the only STI diagnoses that will make you ineligible for PrEP)

3. We prescribe PrEP

All PrEP prescriptions have one annual phone consult with a PrEP Health doctor. This consult is informative and focused on guiding you through the PrEP Health process.

During this consult, the doctor will issue your PrEP prescription.

If you have Medicare, these phone consults are 100% bulk-billed and you won’t pay anything as it’s covered by Medicare.

If you don’t have Medicare the appointments will be invoiced, but they do have an item number & you should be able to claim them from your Visa required private health insurance.

If you have a health concession card, you need to have a telephone appointment for every new prescription. This is how we are able to bulk bill your service.

The doctor consult is optional if you have had your annual consult; however, if you choose the no telephone consult option, there is a fee, as Medicare only covers telephone/video/in-person consultations.

4. We deliver PrEP (Optional)

After evaluating your health, if you are eligible for PrEP we’ll send your PrEP prescription directly to our partner, HealthSmart Pharmacy , who will send you a 3 month supply of medication in a discreet generic Australia Post express parcel. If you prefer, we can send your PrEP prescription to a pharmacy of your choice.

Ongoing Care

To safely continue taking PrEP and to receive your next medication supply, you MUST test negative to HIV every three (3) months plus have healthy kidney function.

Ongoing testing requirements will be determined by our doctors in line with ASHM guidelines for prescribing PrEP medication and Medical board guidelines for telehealth.

You will only need another phone consult at this point if your results affect your PrEP eligibility. If this is the case, you will receive a call from our doctor to discuss further.

We are here for you every step of the way.