1. PrEP Health

PrEP Health Service (Concession card holders)
$20.00For concession card holders & closing the gap
  • This the gap payment- we don't receive any medicare funding.
  • Covers:
  • STI Test pathology referral
  • Over 10,000 pathology partners
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you are unqualified
  • Bulk-billed pathology (if you have Medicare)*
  • Doctor evaluation of results and for PrEP
  • Any additional treatments
  • 100% money-back guarantee if medically unqualified for PrEP.
PrEP Health Service
$39.99Doctors testing referral, results/PrEP evaluation and prescription.
  • This is the gap payment
  • STI Test pathology referral
  • Bulk-billed pathology (with Medicare)*
  • Doctor evaluation for STI's.
  • Doctor evaluation for PrEP.
  • Prescription of PrEP.
  • Prescription for STI Treatment.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if unqualified

2. PrEP Medication

Health Concession/Closing the Gap (CTG)
$7.30Total payment for three months delivered, $27.30.
  • Concession priced gap payment.
  • Bulk-billed pathology
  • Free Postage
  • Three months medication delivered
  • Total payment

Pathology will be free (bulk-billed) or claimable on insurance for those without access to Medicare.
Australia Post Express Postage of $8.80 is charged on all deliveries with an exception for concession card holders.
*eScript is only available to those with Medicare or an Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI).

PrEP is on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). For Medicare card holders, the PBS co-payment price is $42.50. Please, if you choose to buy PrEP from your local pharmacy make sure you don’t pay more than that!
For everyone without Medicare, please make sure you don’t pay more than $50 per month.