6 Positive LGBTIQA+ Podcasts To Subscribe To Right Now

6 Positive LGBTIQA+ Podcasts to Subscribe to Right Now

Who doesn’t love a good podcast? 

If you’re streaming a TV show or watching a movie, you have to be looking at the screen – it’s hard to do much other than that. But a podcast is audio only. That means you can listen while you’re running, driving or whipping up something fancy in the kitchen. 

Podcasts are a great way to be entertained and informed and you don’t need to carve out any extra time for them – just pick one and play it while you’re doing something else. 

Whatever you’re into, there’s a podcast for it. 

Want to improve your business skills? Plenty of choice. 

Want a good belly laugh? Listen to both established and upcoming comedians. 

Want to hear positive LGBTIQA+ stories? Here’s 6 of the best podcasts.

1. I Can Explain
6 Positive LGBTIQA+ Podcasts To Subscribe To Right Now | stigma health

This podcast aims to answer the questions we’re too afraid to ask, tackling issues like biphobia, constantly coming out, pretty privilege and anxiety.

The show’s hosts, Breanne Williamson (a lesbian) and Sean Lusk (a gay man) give comedic takes on their queer experiences in a show where nothing is ever truly off-limits.

Listen here.

2. Queerstories

Maeve Marsden hosts a diverse line-up of Australian stars and strangers reflecting on lives well lived and battles fought, pride, prejudice, love and humour. 

You’ll hear from Hannah Gadsby, Justice Michael Kirby, Zoë Coombs Marr, Rhys Nicholson, Steven Oliver, David Marr and many others in a show that believes there’s far more to being gay than coming out and getting married. 

Listen here.

3. Hide and Seek

Enjoy a session with the sexperts on topics ranging from kinks to dating.

Hide and Seek is a long-running Joy FM program that explores everything you need to know about queer culture if you’re a guy who’s into guys. 

Listen here.

4. Food 4 Thot

A fascinating foursome of queer writers talk about sex, relationships, race, identity, what we like to read, and who we like to read.

Season 3 is coming and is teasing us with lube hacks, toxic femininity, erotic fan fiction inspired by Harry Potter and nostalgia for Maria Carey’s better days.

Listen here.

5. Gayish: A Gay Podcast About Stereotypes

An independent, award-nominated gay podcast where Mike Johnson and Kyle Getz talk about a different gay stereotype each episode, from the hanky code and handjobs to breakups and depression.

A three-time nominee for Best LGBTQ Podcast by the People’s Choice Podcast Awards, Gayish has reached #4 in the iTunes Sexuality charts. 

Past guests have included YouTuber Davey Wavey, gay porn star Calvin Banks, Andrew Gurza, Jeffrey Masters, a gay priest, a gay ex-Mormon, a trans atheist, and more.  

Listen here.

6. Gay Men Going Deeper

This podcast focuses on personal development, sexuality, and mental health. 

Brought to you by the Gay Men’s Brotherhood and hosted by Calan Breckon, Matt Landsiedel and Michael DiIorio, it explores topics such as:

  • How to transform limiting beliefs
  • Self-acceptance
  • Navigating non-monogamous relationships
  • Coming out later in life
  • Loneliness and belonging
  • Demisexuality. 

Listen  here.


So, there you have it. Six excellent podcasts guaranteed to make you think, cry, laugh or get you in the mood for some fun. Let us know which one’s your favourite.


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